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Astra Hospital : Excellence in clinical care

Astra is a multi-specialty tertiary care center in Bengaluru. Built on the foundations of compassion, the medical experts at Astra are driven by their aim to turn aspirations for best health-care services, into accountability and action.

With a team of experts across disciplines, Astra Hospital is a perfect balance of excellent infrastructure and latest technology.

At Astra, we are committed to providing clinical services of the highest standards, at affordable rates. Astra Hospital is one of Bangalore’s most trusted hospitals. Acclaimed for excellence in health care services, Astra is the leading multispecialty health care unit providing world class treatments across disciplines.

Our Mission

To treat every individual in our care, as the most important person in our practice.

Our Vision

Astra is built with the vision of setting a standard for global health-care.

Our Values

Compassion. Reliability. Affordability.




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